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New Rehabilitative Services Building

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The day we have all been waiting for since springĀ  2011 has finally arrived with the official opening of the new Rehabilitative Services Building at 411 W. Front. This 8,000 square foot facility features the best of everything in blind and visually impaired adaptive technology and educational training. Three modern classrooms in the educational wing equipped with HP all in one computers and modular furniture are already in use teaching the Microsoft Office Suite of programs including core and expert levels, Adaptive Technology training including I-pad applications, and a full range of Leadership and Job Readiness courses.

In the rehabilitative wing we have a fully equipped Independent Living apartment complete with washer and dryer, Orientation and Mobility staff, and a complete ocularist office. With a staff of 16 that includes 9 blind employees, Rehabilitative Services is ready to serve the 46 counties of East Texas.

Our Mission at The Lighthouse in Tyler, TX is to Empower Blind Americans through rehabilitation, education, training and employment.

Did You Know?

Did you know that 80,000,000 Americans have potentially blinding eye diseases? That 3,400,000 Americans are either blind or visually impaired? And that an additional 1,600,000 Americans have age related macular degeneration which is the leading cause of permanent impairment of reading or close up vision among people aged 65 years and older?

The causes of blindness are many, but projections for the coming years indicate the number of blind and visually impaired people will triple as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes and other major causes of blindness take their toll. Age related macular degeneration commonly occurs in people who in many cases had no prior symptoms. Blindness can strike anyone at anytime, anywhere. It can strike you. The results of vision loss are traumatic, both physically and emotionally. Our Rehabilitative Services division has the resources and the commitment to help people transition from and independent sighted life style to an independent blind lifestyle.

Reference: Center for Disease Control. http://www.cdc.gov.

To understand the different types of low vision, view this Vision Loss Poster.


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